kamosi skin 11oz Mug


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kamosi skin11oz Mug

  • 11oz ceramic mug.
  • Glossy white finish.
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Kamosi is the fourth “undead” skin. The others are Zompiggy, Skelly, and Ghosty. Kamosi is the second most expensive Book 2 skin, with the first being Kraxicorde at 700 Piggy Tokens

Kamosi is a mumified pig with a bunch of stiches around his gray-black striped body and one black-white eye, the other is probably stitched up and also has gray ears and a gray pupil. It also has gray hands with black claws as it’s weapon.

Piggy: Escape from Pig is a first-person horror adventure game based on the popular Granny series.
Piggy is a horror survival Roblox game created by MiniToons. It is very similar to the standalone game called Granny. Piggy is based on a children’s British TV show called Peppa Pig.

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Secret Badges – Piggy ARP – In this game, players can morph into any character from the Piggy series. Players can choose between Book 1 and Book 2

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