Bobby skin from Piggy 400ml Water Bottle


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Bobby skin from Piggy 400ml Water Bottle

  • Aluminium.
  • Not dishwasher or microwave safe.
  • Two caps included, BPA free.

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Secret Badges – Piggy ARP – In this game, players can morph into any character from the Piggy series. Players can choose between Book 1 and Book 2

Bobby skin appears to be a member of the Ursidae species. He has red pupils with black sclera, a small black hat, white fur, and a black nose. His appeal is a similar uniform that the other crewmates wear: An orange jumpsuit that is accompanied by a black belt and matching suspenders crossed in the shape of an X.

Bobby is a member of Budgey’s Pirate Crew and is one of three secondary bots in Ship – Chapter 8. Bobby is a male bear that wears the same clothing as the rest of Budgey’s Pirate Crew.
Bobby is a white bear that has black scleras and red pupils. He has a white snout and a black nose along with round circular ears. He wears an orange suit with black suspenders and a black belt with gray hooks on it. He also wears a white bandage on his left arm, black gloves, orange pants and black shoes and finally he wears the same hat as Pony which is a greenish gray beanie hat.
Sitting and twitching.

Walk with a slight limp and hold their right arm out, most likely attempting to grab the player.

Reaches out and slashes the player in the face with his claw.

Sits down with his arms out to his sides and legs spread apart. He does not move unless the player walks near him.

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